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Long-Term vs. Short-Term Real Estate Investing

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Lets refresh our knowledge of Long-Term vs. Short-Term real estate investing. When evaluating real estate as an investment, one of the most important considerations is the hold period of the asset. How long do you plan to hold the property before a sale occurs? Your desired hold period will also dictate the investment strategy employed to minimize risk or maximize return over this period of time. Lets talk about some of the differing strategies for Long-Term vs. Short-Term real estate …
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Benefits of Investing in a Breakeven Cashflow Building

In today’s market, many of the core areas of Chicago don’t offer a large amount of potential cashflow for 2-4 unit buildings.  Some buildings are still attractive investments despite the lack of annual cash flow.  An investor or owner/occupant buyer can benefit by purchasing a core asset with strong tenant demand.  Buyers should seek buildings where rental demand is high, rent growth is steady, and locations are near amenities and public transportation.  Here are a few additional benefits of a …
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