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Example Cash Flow Calculation

Surely you are aware that profit is different than cash flow?  Many people tend to buy two, three and four flats for the cash flow, not the operating or net incomes.  Here is a sample property-specific format for cash flow that can be used to determine what a two-flat investment property may bring in each year: Cash Inflows:  Unit 1 (2 bedrooms) – $14,400 Unit 2 (3 bedrooms) – $16,200 Vacancy – $(0) Parking Space 1 – $1,200 Parking Space …
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Real Estate Valuation and Analysis

Buying real estate as an investment has proven to be a great way to save for retirement, supplement your primary income and shield your income from taxes. But before investing, you should know some basic and important calculations that will help you make the most of your money. Cash Flow  Cash In from Revenue – Cash Out from expenses = Cash Flow. Cash Flow includes debt service which are principal and interest payments on your loan. Most common real estate related …
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