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What to look for in a Multi-Unit Listing Agent

It’s always a good time to get a broker opinion of value on your multi-unit residential building.  Market conditions and investor demand can change from week to week, and at ChicagoREInvestment we believe that more information is always better.  If you are nearing the end of an investment cycle and are ready to reap equity, or have recently inherited a multi-unit residential property and are interested in selling the building, a broker opinion of value will provide the market insight …
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How Many Legal Units in Chicago?

Basement Apartment

When looking at small apartment buildings in Chicago, one question always comes to mind; how many legal units are there in this building? There are many ways to check to see what the answer MIGHT be but only one way to find out for sure. The key here is what does the City of Chicago think? A building can conform to all of the local building codes for legal units but that doesn’t make it legal in the eyes of …
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Chicago Condo Deconversions

There are many “accidental landlords” out there.  These proud owners of a condominium rental unit continue to deal with leasing and tenant management, condominium board politics, and special assessment responsibilities.  We feel your pain.   A condominium deconversion sale strategy provides a graceful opportunity for all unit owners to sell, with expense savings and often at market premium pricing.  As if expense savings and a higher market value were not reasons enough to pursue a condominium deconversion, this sale strategy …
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